The book of your home

We make your most prized asset a timeless work of art

Your property, immortalised in a unique, exclusive work of art

At Arcadia Artbooks we offer you a unique, exclusive personalised creation: a luxury photography book, illustrated with a full photo report and artistic images of that most prized asset: your property.

Simplicity and elegance are the hallmarks of the luxury publication designed by us for you, which includes a full fine art photo report accompanied by descriptive texts.

Over the course of a few weeks, we photograph your property, that unique asset you share with your loved ones. Marcos Molina, expert landscape photographer, takes advantage of the best light and periods of the year to capture the essence of your property and create an evocative portfolio of images that have incalculable documentary and sentimental value.

Our team of experienced, enthusiastic professionals use the latest technologies to create a unique, unrepeatable work of art exclusively destined for the use and enjoyment of its owners.

The complex nature of our services involves a relatively long production period, which varies between twenty and sixty days, depending on the characteristics of each project.

Our books, specially conceived for limited editions, use only the finest materials and are sent to press at digital printers of international prestige.

A photographic album of your property, a living testament between generations

At Arcadia Artbooks, we strive to achieve excellence in each of the projects we undertake, always guaranteeing maximum client satisfaction.

Each of our creations is conceived to be a unique, intimate, personal work of art that will stand the test of time, speak to the hearts of its readers, and become a living testament between generations.

We offer you the opportunity to participate in the project and tailor your book to your liking. Help us create the perfect work of art for you by choosing from a range of optional extras and including your own texts or images.


Develop your property's full potential

The main feature of each book is the photographic report, a portfolio of images with high technical and artistic worth that showcase your property’s buildings, gardens and hidden corners. As an optional extra, we can also include interior shots.

Over several sessions, we discover and display the full potential of your property, reflecting a wide diversity of themes and atmospheres in a painstaking creative process.

The geographical area

If you choose, Arcadia Artbooks can also include a select photo report of your home’s geographical surroundings, providing the perfect context of the landscape, history and culture that frame your property.

Over several photo sessions, Marcos Molina’s lens will capture the essence of local atmosphere to create an evocative portfolio of images that are representative of the area nearby your property.


Texts about the property's documented history


We also offer the possibility of including texts about the history of the property, its past, its memories; an ideal accompaniment to the photo report, lending exceptional documentary value to your project.

Tomàs Vibot, renowned writer and documentalist undertakes research, and can transcribe any manuscripts available in municipal archives.

If you wish, we can provide translations of these manuscripts into the language of your choice, making any adaptations necessary so that they are easily understandable for today’s readers and preserving the documentary memory of your property for future generations.

This service is limited to Majorca and subject to the availability of archive documents.


Our promise

Combined talents

Our innovative offer is fruit of the perfectly coordinated work of the multi-disciplinary team who have come together to provide this service.

Full guidance

We help you, our client, to shape your project, offering advice and guidance at all times.

Professional quality

We guarantee a product that meets professional standards, thanks both to our highly qualified team and the excellence of the materials employed.

Personalised estimate

Our work ethos means that the only way to ensure the right price for each client is with a personalised estimate.

Passion for our work

We love our work. The hallmark of our team is the achievement of maximum results thanks to our proactive, creative, enthusiastic approach, which shines through in the final results of all our projects.

We respect your privacy

At Arcadia Artbooks, we have a commitment to respecting private property. We guarantee the anonymity of our clients and the confidentiality of all the graphic documents created in our clients' homes.

Discover what the book of your property will look like

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